Most Popular Day Spa Treatments

4 Of The Most Popular Spa Treatments

There is no doubt that there has been a huge explosion of popularity in the health and self-care industry. And leading the charge is the spa industry. While spa treatments such as massages and even facials have been around for hundreds or even thousands of years, it has only been recently that millions of people have had access to professional treatments, thanks to the thousands of day spas and treatment facilities that have opened.
And there are dozens of different procedures that are being offered on the menu of these spas. From shiatsu massages to specialty body wraps, it can get a little confusing as to what is really what. However, there are four distinct procedures that have taken the most popular spots. Undeniably, it is the facials, massages, specialty massages and body treatments that are the most popular procedures being offered at spas and healthcare facilities.

One of the more popular treatments people get done at spas is the facial procedure. Most facial procedures have the same general steps, these are the steps such as cleanse, scrub, facial massage and then a finishing mask. You’ve probably seen or even have an image of a mud mask or some kind of fruit scrub that are being offered in the menus of spas around the world, and you aren’t far off from what a facial truly is. Facial treatments usually have a cleansing or anti-aging effects which is why they are so popular. Certain spas have specialty facial treatments, such as a specific type of active ingredient, which is only offered at that specific spa. A licensed esthetician is who will perform the facial treatment, so you can bet that it is safe and both effective in helping you achieve a smoother and more youthful appearance.

Massages are arguably one of the most popular spa treatments. Massages at spas can include Swedish, shiatsu or other more specialized massages. Deep tissue massages are meant to penetrate deep within your body and help you relax more since harder pressure is applied to tense muscles. There are also massages that incorporate the use of aromatherapy oils to help patrons relax a lot more as well.

Special massages
There are also certain massages that are more specialized and target specific muscle groups. For example, athletes may want to undergo a sports massage, which can only be done by a physical or sports therapist. A sports massage is designed to treat the common muscle pain faced by athletes. Other special massage types include ones for pregnant one and reflexology.

Body Treatments
Full body treatments are also extremely popular at spas. These body treatments can either be a gentle scrub, designed to remove dead skin cells from your body. There are even salt rubs which are designed to be a bit rougher and thorough when it comes to exfoliating your body. Usually, a body scrub is paired with a specialty massage to boost the relaxing effect. However, there are also certain spas that offer body treatments or scrubs as stand-alone procedures.