Everything You Need to Know About Dip Manicures

Should You Get Dip Powder Manicure?

One type of manicure that is taking the world of Instagram and Social Media, is the Dip Powder manicure. It is supposed to give longer lasting nails and a finish that cannot be beaten. So what exactly are dip manicures? Do they really deliver their promises of the best-looking nails with an unbeatable finish? Should you try one out at your nearest nail spa? Well, to answer your questions here are a few things that you need to know about nail dips.
The one big thing that differentiates the dip manicure from a traditional manicure, such as one that uses acrylic, is the pigmentation that is being used and how it is finished. Acrylic manicures usually make use of UV light to harden and finish it. However, dip manicures don’t need to use UV light and instead use colored powder. Thanks to this pigmented powder, there is an extra layer of protection over your nails. This means that even if you have got thin brittle nails, you can still grow out your manicure. Dip manicures also promise to easily last more than two weeks, which is just as long as those acrylic manicures.
There are also different methods of applications of dip manicures. Unlike a gel manicure, where the nail technician applies the coat on your nail, some will actually dip your nail directly onto the pigment container. And this method is why it is called the dip manicure!
Dip powder manicures also aren’t significantly more expensive than gel manicures. They are easily only $5 more. The average price of a dip powder manicure is $30 and compared to the price of a gel manicure around $25, there isn’t that much of a difference at all. Considering how much longer it lasts, it really provides value for what you pay.
Dip powder manicures start out like any other manicure. First, the nail technicians will buff up the nail. Then they apply a primer coat to ensure that the pigmentation is clear and sticks to your nails. Then the client’s nails are taken and then dipped into the pigment, and this is done twice for two coats of paint. After that, your nails are done since UV light isn’t needed to finish the process. This process saves time for both the technician and the client that is getting their nails done. This is because the dip powder is basically acrylic powder, which makes it easier for them to apply on color. It’s a convenient and quicker way for novice technicians to apply on acrylic onto nails.

Is It Safe?

There is a lot of hesitation about using dip powders since directly dipping a nail into pigmented powder isn’t as healthy as you may think. This is why many nail salons don’t offer it on their menu since it can supposedly be unhealthy. However this is untrue, dip powders are just as safe as gel acrylics. There really isn’t much difference between the two except for the application method. So it won’t hurt to try out dipping your nails and getting a longer-lasting manicure.