Should You Trust Microneedling Services?

There is one type of cosmetic procedure that is trending, perhaps you have heard of it. It certainly has been featured lately on shows such as Keeping up with the Kardashians. This procedure, which is microneedling involves the use of a dermaroller that contains extremely short and small needles that prick the skin and draw blood. This reason why people have developed this procedure is that it increases the production of collagen in the skin. Microneedling also makes the skin firmer, smoother and creates a more even skin because of this collagen production. It has been used to successfully treat wrinkles, scars, and even the appearance of big pores on the face. While microneedling is used mostly for the face, it can be used for other parts of the body, such as when you want to eliminate scars such as stretch marks.

But Is It Safe?

Now, you may be a bit hesitant and have doubts about the efficacy and safety of microneedling. After all, the sight of blood on the face after a microneedling procedure may seem a bit too extreme to a lot of people. However, there are a few things that you need to know about the true safety of microneedling.

It Is Not Invasive And Is Fast

One big factor that makes microneedling safe is that it is not invasive at all, only the outer layer of the skin is pricked by the dermaroller. And the whole procedure usually only takes around an hour or two, so you can be in and out of the dermatologist’s chair really quickly. Most people can safely do this procedure, with certain exceptions such as women who are pregnant or people on certain medications for their acne.

Effects Can Be Seen After Several Sessions

Most experts recommend that you get at least 4 microneedling sessions if you want to see any effects at all. This is because the skin takes time to heal and produce collagen. After about the fourth session, enough collagen has been produced in the skin of your face to have any apparent effects at all. The end effect is that your skin appears firmer and more blemish free.

Adjust Your Expectations

You won’t get magically great skin after a single microneedling procedure, or even after several. So be aware that you also need to have realistic expectations. In fact, your skin will appear redder and feel more sensitive a few hours immediately after the microneedling. But if you get a certified dermatologist, cosmetician, or plastic surgeon to do the procedure for you, then you can bet that your skin will appear awesome after a few days. A majority of people who have tried out microneedling say that they get a more even appearance on their skin after a few months of microneedling sessions.
Of course, remember you should always consult your own dermatologist to determine if microneedling is for you. But with the huge popularity of this procedure, and microneedling already being tested and tried out by clinics everywhere, there is no doubt that this cosmetic procedure is here to stay.…